Note: I’ve added all relevant information to the new forum

Please use it instead of this thread, I’ll try to reply to any questions posted there.

Well, it’s been a while since I update this, so here it goes.

You may now download the new version from the script here. To know more on how to run/configure the bot read the previous post on it first.
This new version adds the ability to do missions via scripting, I’ve added the doNextMission() function that automatically tries do do the last non-complete mission.
I’ve also provided an example bot main cycle that:
-Tries to do the first non-complete mission (if it needs to buy equipment and there is money available it will also do it – including withdrawing from the bank if necessary).
– Second it will look at the best real estate investment and buy it, if possible.
– Finally it deposits all remaining money
I’m running this every 2 minutes on my home computer for a month now without any problems 🙂