Evo 0.9 is my implementation of a genetic evolutionary algorithm for mimicking an image using only unnatural selection and random triangles.

It is based on the sort of software below:

Evo is made in Java 6 and the Jar (i.e. executable) can be downloaded here.

Configuration options are:
Resolution (pixels) – Since using the original resolution of a big image normally results in extremely slow behaviour, I’ve added this option. For example if this is set to 1000000 (i.e. 1 million) it will resize the image to 1 megapixel and evolve based on the resized image.
Number of Triangles – Total number of triangles used in the image.
Number of Threads – Number of threads used (I normally use one per CPU core).
Generation size As there I am only using mutations, then this variable does not make much sense. However, the script will stop optmizing once the improvement is below 0.001% in one given generation. (So basically the bigger this number, the more demanding the software will be)

If you want to download, get more information or contribute, then consider looking at the forum:

To simply download, use: