I’m a Portuguese living in Germany, yesterday roughly 7% of my country’s population participated in an Anti-austerity demonstration.

That is close to 700.000 people all over the country.

Unemployment is rising, grandmothers are spending their pensions on their grandsons to suport them, many families live with < 600 Euros (US $790) per month as one of the parents struggles to find a job.

People with degrees usually work 10-12 hours a day with the simple hope of not being the next layoff.

But the employer’s demand is not because they want to abuse, instead because they are stressed. Many companies are in kept in near life-support, with increasing taxes, decreasing sales and no other way to increase profits other than demanding more work from the employees. The government measures seem to approve by increasing minimum working hours and basically ignoring employee complaints all together.

Portuguese were told they needed to make sacrifices, for a country already low on expenses, last year that meant a cut of 15% in taxes and an increase of 2.5 work hours.

Our compensation was saying that more cuts would be necessary this year.
Needless to say people weren’t happy.

What sadness me the most is how most EU media will handle this. I remember watching CNN life when the same happened in Greece and then comparing it to European sources were everything was minimized..