I just found a very interesting article, so interesting that I would like to share it with my friends.

I pressed the tweet button, but the title was truncated. 
Better, I’ll share it on Facebook. Well.. Facebook may be overkill,  only some may be interested. 
I shall use Google+’s relevant circle. 
But.. I may want to read it later, so I’ll put this on my Blog.
minutes later…
Is it just me? Somehow it feels like everyone is asking me to share this, share that, promote (like) this, promote that.. and oddest of all, I feel obliged  to do it. 
When I read or watch something really interesting then I immediately feel this urge that won’t go away until it’s discharged via a Like or a +1, or  a tweet, or whatever they throw at me. Am I alone? 
Is this normal? Would I feel the same if I did not had the Like/+1/tweet/… option?
Also, is this retribution or self-advertising? Do I want to post as a thanks to the writer or associate myself to the writing by sharing it?
I don’t know. If you’re reading this, please let me know your thoughts. If and how you share articles, videos,.. Also, how do you select what to share? Or you never share anything?
Oh, and don’t forget to press the +Facebook+ button.
btw, this was the article: Google, destroyer of ecosystems