As a way for me to keep up, here is a list of my current on-going pet projects.

Task clock – A countdown timer capable of holding multiple countdowns for independent tasks.

Its an hardware fun project, involves soldering and 3d printing. Most of it is planned in my mind and plenty of parts have been bought and are its way. Currently I’m trying to get an Arduino Nano to program an atmega328p which will be the micro-controller used. 
Still not sure:
– how I’ll be able to upload new tasks (if possible at all)
– whether or not I’ll have support for batteries (requires a power booster for the LCD and battery charging circuits)

Board Charts – Trying to extract line/circles information from a picture and overlaying that information as a way to make it look more professional.
MOonRails – Making programming for micro-controllers easier by merging code conventions and communication standards. That’s all I can say for now 😉