Since my baby daughter was born that the Tinybeans app is the one I use the most on a daily basis. For me this has been a safe haven where we can share our baby’s photos and short movies with our family and close friends away from the public view.
Sure Facebook can have closed groups and you can select with whom to share, but there is value added when an application is done for a specific purpose, it just does it better. There is also a website that my mother uses, but for me, my wife and most family the app does the trick.
Our preferred page is the calendar where it shows a thumbnail for each picture taken since the day she was born, when we delay to add a photo we get kind reminders from the family saying that there is no Tinybeans post yet today.
With our family living across diferent countries (Portugal, Germany and UK) it’s surprising how much Tinybeans contributes to make distances feel shorter and bring the family closer together.

Sometimes in the evenening after she’s asleep, me and my wife take some time with the tablet going through the Tinybeans calendar and contemplate the amazing growth that our daughter has had and how much we’ve gone through in such a small amount of time. It makes us appreciate how amazing life is and how much our own parents have sacrificed for us and why they say it was all worth it.

So, thank you Tinybeans, thank you for a great idea and implementation. As a developer myself I wish you the best of luck and success.

PS: The Tinybeans did send me an e-mail asking for a review on any parenting forum I belong to. I don’t belong to any, but – while it would be appreciated (wink) – I’m writing this above all because it’s true and they deserve it. Too much good feels have sprout from them for me to simply ignore a kind request.